What you seek is seeking you.  •Rumi

Learn about Be Delicious Dating’s Love Protocol

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A Unique Love Protocol

Understand the formula

The love protocol is a map of sorts … one idea … a format … about the timeline and milestones to cover in relationships.  The process includes several components to help identify and elevate the health and well being of the person who is seeking love.

Work on yourself

This workshop, the Goddess Primer does a deep dive into our lives and helps sort out our own personal integrity so when we do put ourselves on the dating circuit – we are healthy and well … physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Get to know yourself better!

Know what you want

How will you know what you’re looking for in your dream person if you haven’t done the work to sort out all your details, preferences and desires. Similar to seeking a new job, you’re looking for a good match — if both sides are committed you are about 50% on your way.

Are you both in sync

This Rate Your Date (or relationship) worksheet is a person-to-person relationship assessment bringing together several different methodologies to see if this relationship is a good fit (or figure out why a past relationship didn’t work as well as you liked it to).

Heartbroken?  Use the Heartbreak Healer

"Eva is a force of nature"

“Eva is a force of nature. She was the head coach of a leadership program I participated in with Landmark Education. From the first time I met her, I immediately recognized her talent as a leader. The coaching I received from Eva has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Her passion is truly infectious and she is an inspiration to all who know her. Not only does she have an incredible capacity to get things done, her ability to empower others to go beyond what they knew was possible for themselves is nothing less than remarkable. She is not afraid to make a difference in peoples. Eva exudes the kind of confidence that only comes from a person of enduring commitment and unshakable integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”


"Eva's passion, commitment and tenacity are astounding"

Word association is a powerful thing and I can honestly say that the first words that pop into my head when I think of Eva Montibello are “tireless crusader”. Eva’s passion, commitment and tenacity are astounding, and her “non-stop, never give up” attitude will lead her to places of which most people can only dream. She is the embodiment of “walk the talk” and as such, has truly earned my respect and gratitude.