Where did the idea of Be Delicious Dating come from?

I’ve always been in love with loving people … but romantic, passionate, committed love is complex.  Love is a function of chemistry + communications + action.  Our goal with Be Delicious Dating is to empower people to bring forth their best selves, heal any past heartache, so you can freely and committedly move forward with courage and an open heart to find the love of your life.

Vision Statement

Abundant love for each and every person.  Passionate, fun, empowered relationships.  True love forever.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Goals at Be Delicious Dating are to help individuals:

  • Identify your attachment style and to work towards being secure and confident in the realm of love (and every other area of life).
  • Understand your love language and ensure that the people you date can honor your preferred love languages.
  • Heal from the past … no matter what you’ve survived, let’s heal it all.
  • Identify red and yellow flags – signs of concern so you can be both safe and passionately, happy with someone who is a great fit.
  • Help you find the love of your life!  And remain sane and happy while on your search!


The purpose my life is for is to have people live lives where their dreams are fulfilled, alive and real.  To live in a world where people own their freedom in voice, movement, spirit and commitment.  To create and empower a world where people are profoundly moved by their power – heroes in their everyday lives — alive, passionate, vibrant and free.

I promise to conduct myself from the following values:

  • Love — accepting people exactly how they are and exactly how they aren’t, granting people the space to celebrate their magnificence and grace no matter what type of space they are in. Standing for the greatness of each and every person on the planet.
  • Integrity — the art and act of being true to one’s self, honoring each word as an expression of who one is, nothing hidden, everything expressed.Fully authentic and free with one’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Generosity — giving all of one’s self, providing 100% heart and soul to all of life. The act of being completely and fully committed and engaged in the lives of the people that we interact with.
  • Magnificence — the possibility of being unstoppable, beautiful and charismatic the possibility of being ‘all that’.
  • Partnership — the art of persistence, power and full self-expression.Creating inspiring conversations to move transformation and dreams forward.  Creating team, unity and community as the foundation that runs throughout the fabric of society.

I promise to stand for the greatness and dreams of everyone on the planet, to listen to people with boundless compassion and to empower leaders of every age.  To inspire: breathe life into each and every person that I encounter.  To have a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out.  

This is who I am.  This is what you can count on me for.


Eva Montibello, Founder

Eva Montibello is a communications expert helping organizations and individuals to develop a clear and strategic trajectory to accomplish their goals. For years, Eva has been talking about how relationships would last longer if people could communicate better and also be able to better assess the long term viability of relationships!

After working in private industry for more than 20 years and helping to pass six bills in the Massachusetts State Legislature, she founded Alpha E Consulting.  Her organization is a full-service communications and solutions company committed to helping organizations and individuals reach their desired goals by creating a powerful strategic trajectory.  Eva’s non-profit experience includes project and program development and management, grant program oversight and execution, board leadership training, strategic partnerships/sponsorships planning and programming, and technical support.  Every solution developed by Alpha E Consulting is strategically based on accomplishing key goals and measured over time to help create long term solutions.  Eva completed her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Salem State College. She also holds a Master of Science in Communications Management from Simmons College where she completed her degree with a thesis on communications frameworks for preventing child sexual abuse which was used as the foundational framework for the successful passage of five bills in the Massachusetts State Legislature.