My Dream Person’s Characteristics

What you seek is seeking you … do you know what you are seeking?

How will you know what you’re looking for in a man if you haven’t done the work for figure out all of the details about your dream person. Similar to seeking a new job, you’re looking for a good match … no job (or relationship) is perfect but if both sides are committed you have (likely) about 50% of what is needed.  If both people are committed, and willing to do some work – you can have 200% of a relationship when both people put in their own 100%.  That’s what we are talking about … the type of relationship with we are putting our butts on the line to have the relationship work for both of us. Otherwise, why bother?  Join us for this tough, power packed course to quickly sort yourself out to figure out the qualities of the person of your dreams. Knowing what you’re looking for make it easier to know what you’re not looking for.  I can’t wait to love on you and helping you figure out your optimal person! 

Figuring Out Your Desires About the Mate of Your Dreams

There is pre-work before starting on this page!  Get yourself a notebook and do one or two of these every night.  Take a focused minute to ponder and just think about the questions posed then take one minute to write (in your notebook) about the details of your perfect mate.  Start your notebook sentences with “my perfect mate is …” and work on these when you can do in a focused kind of way (aka uninterrupted).


Course coming soon!