Heartbreak Protocol: Dry Brush Method

Reiki Meditation Technique: Cleaning Chakra Blockage Using Dry Brush Method

In order to have smooth Reiki Healing, it is important to make sure that all chakras are cleaned and cleared properly. In some cases, when Reiki healing is taking extra long time without any visible reason, you may need to clear chakra blockages first. With successful chakra clearance, the process of Reiki healing becomes smoother and easier. Some other benefits associated with Chakra cleansing is feeling more relaxed and balanced, help in releasing toxins, lowers negative energy, relives stress, releases unnecessary energy blockages and help your body in restoring its ability to heal itself.

For clearing and cleaning chakras, the two most popular meditating Reiki techniques are dry brush method and waterfall method. Both methods can be used in day time. In this article, we will guide our readers about the dry brushing or dry showering method. It is important to remember that there are several different methods for chakra cleansing beside these two popular methods. You can choose any according to your comfort level and liking.

Dry Brushing Technique

Dry brushing is not only a popular technique in Reiki healing, but it is also popular as one of the best natural health treatments for detoxification. The method is commonly used for centuries in Scandinavian countries, but it becomes popular worldwide after a Finnish doctor first proposed it to his patients as an established medical treatment thirty years ago. Some medical benefits associated with dry brushing include removal of dead skin cells, stimulation of hormones, tightening of skin, strengthen immune system, and toned muscles.

  1. Find a calm place. First, you need to find a calm place where you can concentrate on your Reiki meditation. Make sure you have enough space in the place where you can stand straight.
  2. Physical position. Some say that dry brushing technique works best in standing position – but others have had success with it in other positions too. See what works for yourself.
  3. Ground yourself. First, get into standing position and feel that the roots are coming out of your base chakra and are going into the earth throw your legs. Focus that the roots are firmly attached to the core of the earth.
  4. Brush Yourself. Once firmly grounded, use palms of both of your hands to brush yourself.
  5. Apply from Head to Toe. Use brush starting from your head to dust yourself off and go down slowly towards your feet. Brush down slowly and gradually and take deep breaths to calm you down.
  6. Meditate that you are cleaning off all the blockages from your 7 chakras as you go down. Focus on the feeling that you are clearing all the toxins, debris, low vibrating (negative) energies and energy blockages with dry brush.
  7. Transfer Energy to Earth. As you are already grounded, focus that all the toxins, negative energy and energy blockages are flowing into the ground when you move your brush to your feet. Feel that all the negative energy transferred to earth will be filtered into new positive energy that can be used again.

Following this simple method of “dry brushing” can help you clearing your chakras in quick time. Continue with Reiki healing with better results.