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Whether it’s been a long time coming or it was a total surprise, breakups are never ever easy. This Guide to Quickly Heal a Broken Heart is designed to help you through your heartbreak process — that heartbreak could have been yesterday or 10 years ago.  Let’s fix that broken heart of yours!



  Step #1: Own Your Sadness

I have done this step many different ways … being strong … ignoring what happened … although, I’ll have to admit that the best way to go through this is when I group 100% of my sadness in one 24 hour period. Simply be sad about the end of a relationship – 100% – “all in” sadness. I am lucky to be able to work from home and stay in bed the whole day! If you can’t do that – I recommend that you take a sick day and just wallow in sadness. Owning your sadness helps push through your sadness.  There is a world of thought that being immersed in sadness – helps expedite the completion process. Listen to and meditate to our Guided Imagery.

Guided Imagery Audio


  Step #2: Get the Girls on Board

Get your heart healing team involved! Bring in your support system! Reach out to 2-3 girlfriends and then them know what is going on. A simple “we broke up” or “he broke up with me” will do. If they are a good friend, they will do what they need to go to help you through the heartbreak process.  Here are some “ground rules” or “agreements” to create a safe space!

Girlfriends Agreements

Agreement 1: As a best friend, this is the perfect thing to say to a friend who has been recently been broken up with … “I’m so sorry honey. I have your back — and you don’t need him. There are better men out there!  Let’s find a place for you to mingle with AMAZING men!” 

Agreement 2: Take her out to distract her!

Agreement 3: Check in with her and ask her how she’s handling the breakup and gently encourage her to move on to dating, or getting online, or continue to distract her.

Agreement 4: Point out all of the terrible things about him. Remind her why she doesn’t want to be with him.

Agreement 5: Depending on how the heartbreak went, she may be sad, or scared, or hurt, or heartbroken.  Help her heart to heal by being kind and continuing to encourage her to move forward.


  Step #3: Clear Your Space and Your Self

This one is new to me … and I now swear by it! I started with clearing out the space around me by diffusing some essential oils – I started with Clary Sage (for cleaning out the space), then added White Angelica (for protection), then added Valor (for courage) – seemed like a good scent mix … let that run in my diffuser for DAYS! Then, one of my friends who is a Reiki Practitioner mentioned that I should dry brush, AND THEN I remembered that there was a shower version of “washing that man right out of your hair”! That really really really helped – crazy, I know! I did the dry brushing version, as well as, the shower negative energy away.  I highly recommend both – here are directions. How to Dry Brush. How to Wash that Person Right Out of Your Life.


  Step #4: Take Time to Heal Your Heart

Whatever you do for self care – do that. If self care isn’t your thing, here are a few ideas: get a massage or Reiki session; go to the gym, for a run or work off some of that energy; or go to yoga and get Zen again. One of the things that makes me feel better is going to fund-raisers and benefits – taking your focus off of yourself and thinking about contributing to others, getting you get to mingle again — are all helpful ways to continue the process of healing your heart.


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