The Love Protocol

When we think about the most complex concepts – there is one thing you can guarantee … there is a thoughtful, deliberate design to the concepts … a few examples include:

  • a fighter jet – there are millions of components all working together to keep that jet in the air and working with great precision.
  • a delicious meal – whether you’re a following a recipe or tend to work more loosely with cooking … there is a design either by the use of directions or by intuitive experience with recipe ingredients.
  • a great relationship – whether or not you know it, there are design concepts, aka ways of being that have relationships be successful.

In the examples above, no one component (or person) is entirely self reliant … instead … good design is about all of the components working together seamlessly.  The love protocol is a map of sorts … one idea … a format … about the timeline and milestones to cover in relationships.  The process includes several components to help identify and elevate the health and well being of the person who is seeking love.  The components include:

  • Your Love Brand – Do you present yourself authentically in a way, to people who are actually a good fit to be in your romantic future?
  • The Goddess Primer — have you ever tried to date immediately after a break up?  I’m not sure about you but if we reflect back, there are times in our life when we date but really shouldn’t be dating; and we should be working on our own life.  This workshop does a deep dive into our lives and helps sort out our own personal integrity so when we do put ourselves on the dating circuit – we are healthy and well … physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Dream Person – do you go to the supermarket with a list?  That list helps you to remember all of the things that you are seeking at the supermarket.  Do you have a list to find the love of your life?  At the very least – this list helps to sort out the people that you don’t want in your life, as well as, identify what you do what in your life.
  • Date Assessment – This worksheet is a person-to-person relationship assessment bringing together several different methodologies to see if this relationship is a good fit (or figure out why a past relationship didn’t work as well as you liked it to).
  • Love Mediation – This is our version of love coaching … we start with an assessment of your existing habits and practices then move onto working on your goddess (or king) game and your dream person!
  • Heartbreak Healer – This is our first program — it’s created to help folks who have a broken heart – pull the pieces back together and become whole.

Courses coming soon!