Let's Talk About Love - Swiping & Networking Party

Are you a bit unsure about getting started with Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, OKCupid or any other of the speed dating apps? Do you agonize about how to start conversations or what to say? Get stuck in maneuvering conversations to achieve a number exchange or a first date? Join us for a seminar about dating apps, ensuring that you’re “swiping right” on people who are truly a good match; identifying red, yellow, and green flags, and how to continually move along the process of getting to know someone and finding the love of your life. We will have a workbook to help you survive the speed app dating process! Join us for this two-hour information and networking session! Fee: $20.

Identifying Your Perfect Mate ($99)

4 x 1-hour Weekly Conference Calls: $99/$79 or a 3-hour Live Seminar: $99/$79

How will you know what you’re looking for in a man if you haven’t done the work for figure out all of the details about your dream person.  Similar to seeking a new job, you’re looking for a good match … no job (or relationship) is perfect but if both sides are committed you have (likely) about 50% of what is needed.  If both people are committed, and willing to do some work – you can have 200% of a relationship when both people put in their own 100%.  That’s what we are talking about … the type of relationship with we are putting our butts on the line to have the relationship work for both of us.  Otherwise, why bother?

Join us for this tough, power packed course to quickly sort yourself out to figure out the qualities of the person of your dreams. Knowing what you’re looking for make it easier to know what you’re not looking for.  I can’t wait to love on you and and helping you figure out your optimal person!

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Rate Your Date Worksheet (free) + Assessment ($49)

Rate Your Date Worksheet and One Hour Assessment ($49 assessment)

Are you in a relationship?  Do you have a “funny” track record around dating?  This worksheet is a person-to-person relationship assessment bringing together several different methodologies to see if this relationship is a good fit (or figure out why a past relationship didn’t work as well as you liked it to).

Dating Coaching Packages

Packages: one – one hour session per week, four weeks:  $199

Packages: one – one hour session per week, eight weeks: $349

Packages: one – one hour session per week, twelve weeks: $599

Courses Under Development

Your Personal Love Brand– Do you feel confident, are you presenting your best self, have you done your inner work to heal and are ready to share your life with someone? Let’s begin working on that inner inquiry in this class!

Goddess Primer: A Great Dating Guide for Divas, Dating Dynamics and Systems– Find your grounding as a Goddess!

Staying Sane Dating – The dating world is tough,depending on your attachment type, depends of your level of anxiety or avoidance while dating.

Your Love Formula – understand who you are in relationships.  All About You: Deep Dive Dating Self-Assessment.  What are your strengths?  Weaknesses? Opportunities?  And challenges?

30 Days to an Irresistible You– Month Long Program.  Take the steps to Be-Do-Have a sexy, passionate life – with or without a partner.

Powerfully Assessing Dates to Ensure a Strong Match– ‘Do They Get Another Date’ Review and Moving Forward.  Take this thoughtful assessment about the person you are dating BEFORE you take your next big step!

Flag on the Date – Learn to quickly identify questionable or bad behaviors to ensure your safety and happiness.  Has there ever been a time when you’re having a conversation on a date that doesn’t quite work for you (sexually aggressive, or talking about things too personal too soon, or whatever). In this course, we will discuss “flags on the date” … imagine if everyone had flags that they toted around and if they experienced or saw something that was inappropriate, they’d throw a “flag on the date” … to open up a conversation about why something doesn’t work …

Breaking Up with Love– Whether you’ve gone on 1 date or been together for 10 years, sometimes, it’s inevitable that a relationship will not work, and you are faced with a conversation to end either a short or long-term relationship.  In this course, we discuss how to end things with a great deal of compassion and grace.

Dating Game Planning– A strategic roadmap approach to dating … have your end game in mind then plot your path!

How to Meet New People and Break the Ice– Courage is a learned skill.  Learn courage and how to exude confident when you see someone who you may be interested in.  Learn new tactics to expand your circle of friends and engage in conversations where people ponder if they have other friends that may be a good fit for you.

Eight Powerful Insights to Being Present For and Interesting to Potential Mates

Vision Board Workshop: Design Your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop— Create a powerful graphical image representation of what you want in your life!

Vision Board Workshop: Love of Your Life Vision Board Workshop— Create a powerful graphical image representation of what you want in your love life!

Group Mixer: Couples of Friends Meeting Mixer– Bring a friend, meet other people, find love.