The Team

Eva Montibello, Founder

Eva Montibello is a communications expert helping organizations and individuals to develop a clear and strategic trajectory to accomplish their goals. For years, Eva has been talking about how relationships would last longer if people could communicate better and also be able to better assess the long term viability of relationships!

After working in private industry for more than 20 years and helping to pass six bills in the Massachusetts State Legislature, she founded Alpha E Consulting.  Her organization is a full-service communications and solutions company committed to helping organizations and individuals reach their desired goals by creating a powerful strategic trajectory.  Eva’s non-profit experience includes project and program development and management, grant program oversight and execution, board leadership training, strategic partnerships/sponsorships planning and programming, and technical support.  Every solution developed by Alpha E Consulting is strategically based on accomplishing key goals and measured over time to help create long term solutions.  Eva completed her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Salem State College. She also holds a Master of Science in Communications Management from Simmons College where she completed her degree with a thesis on communications frameworks for preventing child sexual abuse which was used as the foundational framework for the successful passage of five bills in the Massachusetts State Legislature.